As the name suggests, collective nouns are nouns which
Represent a collection of living beings or things. It gives a higher
connection to the language and ease vocabulary. It is also a fun
set of words to learn as many are associated with things we deal

in our daily life. Here are a few examples –

1. A flight of birds
2. A hail of bullets
3. A forest of trees
4. An army of ants
5. A troupe of artists
6. A group of islands
7. A was of notes
8. A string of pearls
9. A drove of horses
10. A basket of fruit
11. A mob of rioters
12. A pack of thieves
13. A batch of bread
14. A galaxy of stars
15. A fleet of boats
16. A cloud of insects
17. A bevy of quail
18. A crew of sailors
19. A gaggle of geese
20. A board of directors
21. A mob of deer
22. A band of musicians
23. A litter of cubs
24. A regiment of soldiers

25. A pack of cards
26. A reel of film
27. A ream of paper
28. A packet of letters
29. A pair of shoes
30. A quiver of arrows
31. A hedge of bushes
32. A range of mountains
33. A bunch of keys
34. A dynasty of king
35. A best if mice
36. A pack of wolves
37. A swarm of bees
38. A tribe of natives
39. A choir of singers
40. A flock of sheep