1.Brushed Aside (Phrasal Verb)-bar from attention or consideration.

2.Atrocity (N)-a cruel and violent act.

3.Excreta (N)-waste matter discharged from the body, especially faeces and urine.

4.Disenfranchisement (N)-the state of being deprived of a right or privilege, especially the right to vote.

5.Intangible (Adj)-incapable of being touched or seen.

6.Entitlements (N)-the fact of having a right to something.

7.Oblique (Adj)-indirect or evasive.

8.Perennial (Adj)-lasting a very long time, or happening repeatedly or all the time.

9.Unbearable (Adj)-not able to be endured or tolerated

10.Cremate (V)-dispose of (a dead person’s body) by burning it to ashes.

11.Revulsion (N)-violent feeling of disgust.

12.Foment (V)-instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action).

13.Unequivocally (Adv)-in a way that leaves no doubt.

14.Inflation (N)-a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

15.Mitigate (V)-to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad.

16.Downplaying (V)-make (something) appear less important than it really is.

17.Dissent (V)-to disagree with other people about something.

18.Glean (V)-to accumulate or collect.

19.Leeway (N)-freedom to act within certain limits.

20.Tame (V)-to bring under control.

21.Went To Great Lengths (Phrase)-to try very hard to achieve something.

22.Transient (Adj)-lasting for a short time only.