1. The imaginary world created by Emily and Anne Bronte is:
A) West Yorkshire B) Gondal
C) Grange D) Gateshead
2. The first notable use of the stream of consciousness technique in English fiction can
be seen in:
A) A Portrait of the Artist as a Youngman
B) Ulysses
C) The Waves
D) Pilgrimage
3. Statement 1. Romesh Gunesekera’s Heaven’s Edge is a dystopian fantasy.
Statement 2. Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja is dedicated to the people of the Indian
A) Both 1 and 2 are false B) 1 is true and 2 is false
C) Both 1 and 2 are true D) 1 is false and 2 is true
4. The branch of phonology that deals with the way in which phonemes combined to form
A) Phonotactics B) Phonetics
C) Lexicology D) Morphosyntax
5. In educational psychology ——– refers to a period when the learner, regardless of
their best efforts, seems to stop making visible progress.
A) Learning curve B) Learning plateau
C) Cognitive learning D) Forgetting curve
6. Which of the following terms in language class refers to the use of objects associated
with everyday life as tangible teaching learning aid?
A) diarama B) realia
C) virtual reality D) real time materials
7. ‘Indian Empire or no Indian Empire, we cannot do without Shakespeare’ is a quote
A) Carlyle B) Arnold C) Tennyson D) Dickens
8. ‘Eminent Victorians’ by Strachey includes a portrait of:
A) Matthew Arnold B) Cardinal Newman
C) T.E. Lawrence D) Florence Nightingale
9. Richard Feverel is a character in an ——–novel by———–:
A) epistolary, Smollett B) adventure, Thackeray
C) anonymous, Fielding, D) eponymous, Meredith

10 ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’ is a poetical work by:
A) Kingsley Amis B) Andrew Motion
C) Oscar Wilde D) Leigh Hunt
11. Woolf’s essay on Conrad was published on the occasion of:
A) The publication of Lord Jim
B) Conrad’s naturalization as British citizen
C) Conrad’s death
D) Conrad’s commemoration on ‘Writer’s Walk’
12. The Brangwens are characters in ———by———.
A) A Girl in Winter, Larkin B) Kidnapped, Stevenson
C) The Rainbow, Lawrence D) Saturday, McEwan
13. Eyeless in Gaza is ———by———.
A) a collection of essays, Sashi Tharoor
B) a travelogue, Amitav Ghosh
C) anthology of poems, Benjamin Zephaniah
D) novel, Aldous Huxley
14. Synge travelled to——–on the advice of Yeats to seek inspiration from living there.
A) Belfast B) Cork
C) the Aran islands D) Innisfree
15. What is the pronunciation of the plural morpheme in the word ‘bridges’?
A) /s/ B) /z/
C) /iz/ D) None of these.
16. Identify the books written by Susan Bassnett:
1. Translation Studies 2.The Art of Translation
3. Poetry in Translation 4. Comparative Literature: A Critical Introduction
A) 1 and 3 only B) 1 and 4 only
C) 2 and 4only D) 2 and 3 only
17. The author of the novel The Outcaste:
A) Periyar B) Sharankumar Limbale
C) Meena Kandasamy D) Urmila Pawar
18. The author of the novel, Paradise:
A) Louise Gluck B) Peter Handke
C) Abdulrazak Gurnah D) Shuggie Bain
19. ‘Here rests his head upon the lap of Earth/ A youth to Fortune and Fame unknown’
are the opening lines of the epitaph written by:
A) John Keats B) John Milton
C) Thomas Gray D) Matthew Arnold

20. Which of the following plays of Bernard Shaw belongs to the group ‘Unpleasant’?
A) Arms and the Man B) The Philanderers
C) Candida D) The Man of Destiny
21. Which of the following is not the line/phrase from The Waste Land?
A) heap of broken images
B) We are in rat’s alley
C) Living nor dead, and I knew nothing
D) I grow old… I grow old
22. The expression ‘queer old dean’ instead of ‘dear old queen’ is an example of:
A) Spoonerism B) Malapropism
C) Anaphora D) Epistrophe
23. Which of the following plays does not belong to the genre ‘revenge tragedy?’
A) The Cenci B) Titus Andronicus
C) Jew of Malta D) Duchess of Malfi
24. Which one of the following author-book pairs is correctly matched?
A) J M Coetzee – Blindness
B) Salman Rushdie – Disgrace
C) Martin Amis – Money
D) Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Inferno
25. Match the List I (the Critics) with List II. (the schools of criticism)
a. Wolfgang Iser 1. Deconstruction
b. Northrop Frye 2. Structuralism
c. Paul de Man 3. Reader Response theory
d. Claude Levi-Strauss 4. Archetypal criticism
A) a -4, b -3, c – 2, d -1 B) a -3, b – 4, c–1, d-2
C) a -3, b -2, c – 1, d -4 D) a -2, b -3, c -1, d – 4
26. Montreal group of poets worked for the renaissance of ——- poetry.
A) Canadian B) Caribbean C) American D) Australian
27. The metre of the opening lines of Blake’s ‘The Tyger,’ Tyger! Tyger! /Burning
bright’ is:
A) Trochee B) Iamb C) Anapest D) Dactyl
28. Who is the Protagonist in Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter?
A) Arthur Dimmesdale B) Hester Prynne
C) Roger Chillingworth D) Pearl
29. He ‘never deviates into sense.’ The line refers to:
A) Belinda B) Absalom C) Achitophel D) Shadwell

30. Hemingway’s hero who upholds the idea, ‘a man can be destroyed, but not defeated’
A) Frederic Henry B) Santiago
C) Chuck Norris D) Manolin
31. “I shall endeavour to enliven morality with wit and to…….”
A) enervate wit with morality B) temper wit with morality
C) enlighten the readers D) educate the readers
32. Which of the syllables is stressed in the word ‘desirability’?
A) Second B) Third C) Fourth D) Fifth
33. The Change of sound in the word, ‘England’ in Modern English from the Old English
‘Englalond’ is:
A) Haplology B) Prothesis C) Metathesis D) Epenthesis
34. Derrida makes use of the term ‘aporia’ to mean:
A) Postponement
B) Unresolvable difficulties of a text
C) Inadequacy and inevitability of language
D) Improvisation in a human endeavour
35. Match List I ( opening lines) with List II (their authors and novels )
a. 124 was spiteful. Full of Baby’s venom. 1. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights
b. Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the
Stairhead bearing a bowl of lather on which a
mirror and a razor lay crossed 2. George Orwell’s 1984
c. I have just returned from a visit to my Landlord –
the Solitary neighbor that I shall be troubled with 3. Toni Morrison’s Beloved
d. It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks
were striking thirteen 4. James Joyce’s Ulysses
A) a– 4, b – 3, c – 2, d – 1 B) a – 2, b– 1, c – 4, d-3
C) a –3, b – 4, c – 1, d -2 D) a –2, b – 3, c – 4, d -1
36. Match List I ( novels) with List II (the narrators)
a. Holden Caulfield 1. Moby Dick
b. Piscine Patel 2. The Catcher in the Rye
c. Ishmael 3. Outsider
d. Meursault 4. Life of Pi
A) a – 2, b-3, c – 4, d- 1 B) a – 2, b – 4, c– 1, d -3
C) a – 3, b– 4, c -2, d-1 D) a– 4, b – 3, c– 2, d– 1
37. The line ‘Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song’ was borrowed by Eliot from:
A) The Brook B) Prothalamion
C) The Shepherd’s Calendar D) The Rape of Lucrece

38. Peter Giles appears as a character in the work:
A) Utopia B) The Bride of Lammermoor
C) The Mill on the Floss D) Moll Flanders
39. The work introduced to the reader as being ‘delivered under the similitude of a dream’:
A) Paradise Regained B) Pilgrim’s Progress
C) Vanity Fair D) The Trial
40. ‘Diary’ is derived from the Latin term for:
A) Death B) Diet C) Day D) Discourse
41. A work that has been called ‘one of the most important forerunners of psychological
A) Don Quixote B) Robinson Crusoe
C) Tristram Shandy D) Pamela
42. “Dirge from Cymbeline” is an acclaimed piece by:
A) Collins B) Cowper C) Hanmer D) Thomson
43. Horace Walpole lived and wrote in the:
A) 17th century B) 18th century
C) 19th century D) first half of the 20th century
44. The Utilitarian Society was established by:
A) Mill B) Carlile C) Black D) Galt
45. The Earthly Paradise is a series of narrative poems by:
A) D .G. Rossetti B) Christina Rossetti
C) William Morris D) A. C Swinburne
46. Stephen Gosson’s charge, ‘mother of lies’ refers to:
A) Satire B) Drama C) Farce D) Poetry
47. The critical remark ‘a time bomb expertly placed under the edifice of Americanism’ is
A) A View from the Bridge B) All My Sons
C) Death of a Salesman D) The Crucible
48. Who among the following critics defined postmodern as ‘incredulity towards
A) Barthes B) Derrida C) Lyotard D) Lefebevre
49. What according Vamana is the soul of poetry?
A) Riti B) Aucitya C) Anumana D) Vakrokti
50. V S Naipaul was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in the year:
A) 2000 B) 2001 C) 2002 D) 2003

51. The branch that studies the social language of signs:
A) Semiotics B) Etymology C) Semiology D) Semantics
52. Who among the following is not a ‘lake poet’ ?
A) Byron B) Wordsworth C) Coleridge D) Southey
53. The word ‘pram’ formed out of ‘perambulator’ is an example of:
A) Compounding B) Telescoping
C) Portmanteau D) Abbreviation
54. The omission of vowel in the word ‘perhaps’ when pronounced rapidly is:
A) Assimilation B) Elision C) Intrusive ‘r’ D) Linking ‘r’
55. Which of the following words has been borrowed from French?
A) Terminus B) Blouse C) Tractor D) Circus
56. Freudian term for the channeling of energy to beneficial things is:
A) Eros B) Thanatos C) Sublimation D) Libido
57. Who is the fifth character in the play The Glass Menagerie?
A) Jim O’ Connor B) Laura
C) Amanda D) Mr Wingfield
58. Which of the following is not a prosodic feature of language?
A) Intonation B) Loudness
C) Variation in tempo D) Syllable
59. The poem of Whitman that deals with the death of Lincoln:
A) Song of Myself
B) I Hear America Singing
C) Out of the Cradle endlessly rocking
D) When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed
60. ’Art for Arts sake’ was a movement started in:
A) early 18thCentury B) late 18th Century
C) early 19th Century D) late 19th Century
61. The novel that has more than one ending:
A) Catch – 22 B) French Lieutenant’s Woman
C) Slaughter House – Five D) Don De Lillo
62. The critical observation of E V Lucas, ‘the most lovable figure in English Literature’
is about:
A) William Hazlitt B) John Keats
C) Charles Lamb D) William Wordsworth
63. The poet who is the odd one in the group:
A) Richard Lovelace B) Henry Vaughan
C) Robert Herrick D) Thomas Carew

64. Features which are not true about the Situational method of Language Teaching:
1. Primary goal is effective communication
2. Developed by H Palmer and A S Hornby
3. Task based teaching is a methodology
4. Bridges the gap between Grammar on approach and Communicative Language
A) 1 and 3 only B) 1 and 2 only C) 1 and 4 only D) 2 and 4 only
65. Who among the following poets is called ‘an archangel slightly damaged?’
A) P B Shelley B) John Donne
C) William Blake D) S T Coleridge
66. A villainous character in Charles Dickens:
A) Pip B) Mr Bumble C) Fagin D) Sairey Gamp
67. The author of The Queen’s Hinglish:
A) Baljinder K Mahal B) Rita Kothari
C) Braj B Kachru D) Probal Das Gupta
68. Which of the following are not principles of the direct method of teaching?
1. There is straight relation between thought and expression.
2. Grammar is taught deductively
3. It teaches the language, doesn’t teach about the language.
4. The emphasis is on writing.
A) 1 and 2 only B) 2 and 3 only C) 2 and 4 only D) 1 and 3 only
69. ‘One is not born, but rather becomes a woman,’ is a quote from:
A) Simone de Beauvoir B) Germaine Greer
C) Susan Gubar D) Mary Wollstonecraft
70. Which of the following is not a poem by A K Ramanujan?
A) The Black Hen B) Astronomer
C) Still Life D) Enterprise
71. The critic who classified English society into the Barbarians, the Philistines and the
A) Matthew Arnold B) John Ruskin
C) William Hazlitt D) Raymond Williams
72. The remark, ‘the upstart crow beautified with our feathers’ is about —— by ——.
A) Shakespeare, Robert Greene
B) Thomas Kyd, George Peele
C) John Fletcher, Thomas Lodge
D) Ben Jonson, Thomas Nashe

73. Match List I ( titles of novels) with List II (their subtitles)
a. Mayor of Casterbridge 1. A Simple Tale
b. Animal Farm 2. A Tale Supposed to be written by Himself
c. The Vicar of Wakefield 3. Man of Character
d. The Secret Agent 4. A Fairy Story
A) a–3, b–1, c–4, d–2 B) a– 4, b– 1, c– 2, d-3
C) a–3, b–4, c-2, d –1 D) a– 2, b– 3, c– 4, d-1
74. Who does Terry Eagleton consider ’the most influential cultural thinker’ of the 20th
A) Alan O’Connor B) Raymond Williams
C) Edward Said D) Michael Foucault
75. The opening line of AnnaKarenina,‘Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is
unhappy in its own way’ is an example of
A) Verisimilitude B) Naturalism
C) Realism D) Expressionism
76. The popular phrase that has originated from the Faust legend:
A) Faustian bargain B) Faustian dilemma
C) Faustian conundrum D) Faustian predicament
77. The Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood was formed in:
A) 1848 B) 1849 C) 1850 D) 1851
78. Which of the poems of Wilfred Owen begins with the lines, ‘What passing-bells for
these who die as cattle? / Only the monstrous anger of the guns?’
A) Insensibility B) Futility
C) Anthem for Doomed Youth D) The Send-off
79. Girish Karnad’s play which is mainly an attack on male chauvinism:
A) Tughlaq B) Nagamandala
C) Hayavadana D) Yayati
80. The remark, ‘Shakespeare has no heroes. He has only heroines’ is made by:
A) Charles Lamb B) Robert Greene
C) J R R Tolkien D) John Ruskin
81. Who among the following is associated with the translation of The Bible?’
A) Thomas Browne B) St. Augustine
C) William Tyndale D) Benedict de Spinoza
82. The poem which is the odd one in the group:
A) Midmonsoon Madness
B) The Freaks
C) The Poet, Lover, Birdwatcher
D) The Worm

83. Match List I. (characters of Shakespeare) with List II (the plays they appear in)
a. Benedick 1. Cymbeline
b. Touchstone 2. Measure for Measure
c. Imogen 3. Much Ado About Nothing
d. Angelo 4. As You Like It
A) a – 4, b–3, c-2, d– 1 B) a– 3, b– 2, c– 4, d– 1
C) a – 2, b -1, c–3, d–4 D) a – 3, b– 4, c– 1, d -2
84. Which of the following is generally not related to Francis Bacon?
A) Idealist philosophy B) Clarity of Thought
C) Aphoristic style D) Themes related to worldly wisdom
85. ‘But do not let us quarrel any more’ is the opening line of Browning’s:
A) My Last Duchess B) Andrea del Sarto
C) Fra Lippo Lippi D) Porphyria’s Lover
86. Match List I (the novels of Graham Greene) with List II (the places they are set in)
a. The Power and the Glory 1. Vietnam
b. The Quiet American 2. Argentina
c. A Burnt-out Case 3. Mexico
d. The Honorary Consul 4. Congo
A) a- 3, b- 1, c- 4, d-2 B) a-4, b-1, c-2, d-3
C) a– 2, b -4, c -1, d-3 D) a-2, b -3, c-4, d-1
87. Which of the following is not associated with Mikhail Bakhtin?
A) Heteroglossia B) Carnival
C) Paratexts D) Chronotope
88. The poem written by Wordsworth with a dedication to Charles Lamb:
A) The Waggoner B) Laodamia
C) The Excursion D) Night Thought
89. Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot was first staged in English in the year:
A) 1952 B) 1953 C) 1954 D) 1955
90. Complete Tennyson’s line… ‘to strive, to seek and not to ——-‘
A) fail B) submit C) yield D) surrender
91. The conception of Generative Grammar is developed by:
A) Chomsky B) Halliday C) Saussure D) Bloomfield
92. Vladimir Propp’s analysis of the folk tale is an example of:
A) Post colonial criticism B) Deconstruction
C) Structuralist criticism D) Practical criticism

93. Who were the editors of the First Folio of the plays of Shakespeare?
A) Edmund Blounte and Isaac Jaggard
B) John Hemminge and Henry Condell
C) Paul Edmmeson and Stanley Wells
D) Nicholas Rowe and William Warburton
94. Who among the following poets does not belong to the Auden generation?
A) W. C. Williams B) Stephen Spender
C) Christopher Isherwood D) Louis MacNeice
95. To which Indo-European family of languages does English belong?
A) Celtic B) Armenian
C) West Germanic D) East Germanic
96. Which of the following are not concepts of Ferdinand de Saussure?
A) Signifier and Signified
B) Diachrony and Synchrony
C) Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic relation
D) Competence and performance
97. The line, ‘I caught this morning morning’s minion, kingdom of daylight’s dauphin,
dapple drawn Falcon’ is in:
A) Anapest B) Spondee
C) Pyrrhic D) Sprung rhythm
98. Match List I (the names of the critics) with List II (their theories)
a. Ananda Vardhan 1. Cosmopolitanism
b. Donna Haraway 2. Dhwani
c. Hoyt Fuller 3. Cyber Feminist Art
d. Ashis Nandy 4. Black Aesthetics
A) a-1, b – 4, c– 2, d– 3 B) a-2, b– 3, c – 4, d– 1
C) a-2, b – 4, c– 1, d– 3 D) a- 4, b– 3, c– 2, d– 1
99. Which of the following statements are not true about Jhumpa Lahiri?
A) She was born to Bengali parents
B) The family then moved to United States
C) Her novel The Lowland was awarded Booker Prize
D) The Namesake and Unaccustomed Earth are among her works
100. The rhyme scheme of Spenserian sonnet is:
A) abba abba cde cde B) abab bcbc cdcd ee
C) abab cddc cddcee D) abba abbacdcd
101. The words, ‘Pluck out his eyes’ are spoken by —— in Shakespeare’s KingLear.
A) Goneril B) Regan C) Cornwall D) Edmund