Sariga Sajikumar

Ph.D. Research Scholar, MPhil, M.Com, NET/JRF

Future is always unpredictable. We never know what the next day holds for us or what our situations will force us to do.

I was doing my MCom as I received the good news that I was going to be a mother! There were many complications health wise that I had to face, hence I stopped my course half way. After a gap of two years I completed MCom but I had no clue what to do next. For the next two years I spent my time idly sitting at home doing the typical domestic things. After all the work was done, I had nothing in particular to focus on, so I constantly found myself being depressed and bored. During phone calls with friends I realised that they all continued to chase their dreams and are now well settled with good jobs. So I thought about what I really want in life and I finally decided to give my career plans a second chance.

I started taking small steps, wrote cooperative society exams, learnt SAP course and so on. But still deep inside there was a voice telling me, this is not what I am meant for.   I understood that I am not meant to be stuck with an accountant post, but I have the potential to achieve greater heights.

And finally I made my life changing decisions on February first week 2019. I made plans to write NET exams this year itself. I bought several guides and text books but they were not helping me that much. So I dusted my old books and read each book, page by page, and word by word. The entire book was so thorough for me and along with it, joined a coaching class to help crack the exam. The coaching class by Saji sir was extremely helpful for me since I had a break of nearly 4 years in between.

I utilised every second of my time to complete the course. If I start learning at 10 in the morning I only stopped by 4 or 5 in the evening. I referred many previous years question papers and checked out the question patterns. Rather than memorising the answers I always learnt by comparing each and every objectives. This method helped me to understand concepts very easily and I never forgot the contents which I got very familiar with.

The topics to clear were very vast.  So for subjects which were hard, I learnt the basics thoroughly than diving into tough questions. And for the ones that were easier for me to understand, I learnt it in depth. I knew that trying to learn tough ones beyond my capacity will only lead to by hearting and waste of time and eventually I might forget everything. So I took immense care to make everything I knew very thorough and leave the rest at the basics.

Many YouTube channels and websites helped to crack how the exams are going to be. One thing I understood is that rather than buying a lot of textbooks and guides, which we might never even find the time to complete reading, find good internet sources that spread information in very simple and useful ways. I cleared the UGC NET Exam and secured JRF IN 2019 June cycle.

Our results always depend on how we go on with our studies. The more effort we put into it, higher will be our success rate. Always work the hardest we can to our full potential. And above all have confidence in ourselves that we will definitely achieve our goals with flying colours.