1. Four years hence, sum of ages of A and B will be 16 years more than the sum of present age of B and C. Four years ago, sum of age of A and C is 32 years then find the present age of C?                (a) 24 years              (b) 20 years            (c) 12 years(d) 16 years              (e) 18 year
  2. A person purchased two articles at the same price and on selling the first article he makes a profit of 12%. Selling price of second article is Rs 90 more than the selling price of the first article. Find the cost price of one article if his overall profit percent is 15%?                                                              (a) Rs 1800               (b) Rs 1500             (c) Rs 2000(d) Rs 240  0              (e) None of these                 
  3. . Ratio of speed of boat in still water to the speed of current is 10:1. Ratio of time taken by the boat to cover D km in downstream to the time taken by the boat to cover (D-45) km in upstream is 3:2. Then find the value of D?                                                                                                                        (a) 60 km                  (b) 87 km                (c) 99 km(d) 108 km               (e) 90 km
  4. A container contains a mixture of milk and water in which water is 24%. 50% of the mixture is taken out in which water is 78 litre less than the milk. Find the remaining quantity of milk in that container?          (a) 171 lit                  (b) 152 lit                (c) 133 lit (d) 108 lit                  (e) 114 lit
  5. The perimeter of a triangle is equal to perimeter of a rectangle. Length of rectangle is 75% of side of a square and ratio of length to breadth of rectangle is 3 : 2. If difference between perimeter of square and that of rectangle is 36 cm, then find perimeter of triangle?
    • (a) 60 cm                  (b) 48 cm                (c) 72 cm
    • (d) 80 cm                  (e) 96 cm

Directions (6-10): What will come in place of (?) in the following number series problems?

  1. 200, 197, 185, 163, 130, ?

          (a) 95                         (b) 85                       (c) 105

          (d) 86                         (e) 84

  15, 8, 9, 15, 32, ?

          (a) 98                         (b) 66                       (c) 80.5

          (d) 82.5                      (e) 84.5

  1. 5, 30, 150, 600, ?

          (a) 1200                     (b) 1500                   (c) 2400

          (d) 1800                    (e) 600

  1. 222, 110,  54,  26, ?

          (a) 10                         (b) 12                       (c) 8

          (d) 6                           (e) 14

  1. 104, ?, 96,  120, 88, 128

          (a) 112                       (b) 96                       (c) 116

          (d) 120                       (e) 92

  1. A invested Rs. X in a scheme. After 6 months, B joined with Rs. 4000 more than that of A. After an year, ratio of profit of B to the total profit was 3: 7. Find the value of X.

          (a) 4000                     (b) 8000                   (c) 1600

          (d) 6000                    (e) 10000

  1. 1500 rupees is invested in a scheme A at R% p.a. simple interest. Another amount (1500 – x) is invested in scheme B at 2R % p.a. simple interest. After 4 years, interest earned from scheme A is 25% less than that of scheme B. Find x.

          (a) 500                       (b) 600                     (c) 900

          (d) 1000                    (e) 1200

  1. 40 men can complete a work in 48 days. 64 men started for the same work for x days. After x days, 32 men increased, So, the remaining work is completed in 16(2/3) days. Find x.

          (a) 5                            (b) 8                          (c) 10

          (d) 6                           (e) None of these

  1. If perimeter of the base of a cylinder is 66 cm. Then find volume of cylinder if height of cylinder is 0.04 m

          (a) 1111 cm³            (b) 1386 cm³          (c) 2046 cm³

          (d) 1186 cm³            (e) 2002 cm³

  1. A 175 meters long train ‘P’ passed a pole in 8.75 sec. Train ‘P’ passed an another train ‘Q’ travelling in a direction opposite to ‘P’ in  sec. If length of train ‘Q’ is 225 meter, then in what time train ‘Q’ will pass train ‘P’ when they both runs in same direction ?               

          (a) 55 sec                  (b) 50 sec                (c) 45 sec

          (d) 60 sec                  (e) 35 sec

Directions (16-20): Study the given information carefully and answer the question that follow.

3 pizza shops A, B and C sells veg pizza and non veg pizza. Respective ratio between number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas sold by pizza shop A was 9 : 7 and that sold by pizza shop B was 3 : 4. The no. of pizzas (Veg + non veg) sold by pizza shop C was 108 and respective ratio between number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza sold by pizza shop C was 7 : 5 Total number of pizza sold by all three pizza shop was 376. Number of veg pizza sold by pizza shop A was 20% more than the veg pizza sold by pizza shop B.

  1. If cost of each veg pizza and each non-veg pizza sold by shop B is Rs 200 and Rs 300 respectively then find the total amount obtained by shop B (in Rs).

          (a) 40,000                 (b) 36000                (c) 48000

          (d) 32000                  (e) 44000

  1. What is the ratio of veg pizza sold by shop A & C together to the non-veg pizza sold by shop B & C together.

          (a) 27 : 25                  (b) 27 : 29                (c) 29 : 27

          (d) 25 : 27                 (e) 23 : 25

  1. What is the average of veg pizza sold by all shops?

          (a) 61                         (b) 68                       (c) 62

          (d) 60                         (e) 65

  1. Total veg pizzas sold by Shop A and C are what percent of total non-veg pizza sold by shop B & C?

          (a) 113%                   (b) 108%                 (c) 109%

          (d) 112%                   (e) 116%

  1. If Veg pizza sold by shop B is increased by  and non-veg pizza sold by shop A is increased by 75% then what is the sum of veg pizza sold by B and non-veg pizza sold by A after increment.

          (a) 178                       (b) 186                     (c) 198

          (d) 200                       (e) 182

Direction (21-23): In the questions given below, there is a sentence in which one part is given in bold. The part given in bold, may or may not be grammatically correct. Choose the best alternative among the four given which can replace the part in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the part given in bold is already correct and does not require any replacement, choose option (e), i.e. “No replacement required” as your answer.

  1. The plastic ban introduced by the municipality has been a total failure as there has been no reducingin the usage of polybags.

(a) is no reduce

(b) has been no reduction

(c) have been no reduced

(d) is not any reduced

(e) No correction required

  1. As per the directives, the retail prices of both petrol and diesel is revising on a daily basis.

(a) have been revising

(b) are revising

(c) will be revised

(d) is revise

(e) No correction required

  1. We goteverything ready for all of them long before they arrived.

(a) We had got

(b) We have got

(c) We have been got

(d) We are getting

(e) No correction required

  1. We still have some farm equipment that hasn’t been usedsince my grandfather died.

(a) Hasn’t been using

(b) was using

(c) are using

(d) should not have been use

(e) No correction required

  1. Every officer and every resident of this village is determined to do their bestto get better ranking in sanitation index.

(a) to do there best

(b) to do its best

(c) to do his best

(d) to do ones best

(e) No replacement required