There are 3 parts required to study in Unit 1 for Paper 1- Teaching. Those are listed
1. Teaching concept
2. Teaching objectives
3. Level of teaching
4. Teaching Characteristics
5. Teaching-basic requirements.

Teaching is an ideas and thoughts sharing through proper sources & Origin to the Learners’.
Objective of teaching is creating a good Attitude, Behavior and Social usage of Learned things in
ethical and positive way.

Levels of teaching in 3 parts such as
1. Memory:  How to memorise the formula and subject principles.
2. Understanding: This is an important part of a teaching, because concept of a topic and relational level
must be understand by the learners.
3. Character & Basic requirement of teaching: Teaching character is creating a positive environment in
classroom.A good Atmosphere is required for teaching and a very good relationship between                    Teacher  and Learners is must for teaching.

II.Learner’s characteristics
There are 3 parts required to study in Unit 1 for Paper 1-Learner’s characteristics. Those
are listed below,
1. Characteristics of Adolescent
2. Characteristics of Adult
3. Individual differences.
There are 3 categories of Learner’s age classification such as



One who has not attained the age of 14. They are called as Children. If a person has attained the age of 14th and not attained the age of 18th.They are called as Adolescent or Minor. A man/women who has attained the age of 18. They are called as Adult or Young Person. These three characters required
different types of training
III.Factors affecting teaching related to
There are 5 parts required to study in Unit 1 for Paper 1-Factors affecting teaching
related to. Those are listed below,
1. Teacher
2. Learner
3. Support material.
4. Instructional facilities.
5. Learning environment and Institution.
Environment plays a vital role for Learning behavior change. Teachers skill set and
Learners learning power has decided Learning.
IV.Methods of teaching in Institution of Higher Learning.
There are 2 parts required to study in Unit 1 for Paper 1-Methods of teaching in
Institution of Higher Learning. Those are listed below,
1. Teacher centered Vs Learner centered method
2. Offline Vs On-line methods.
MOOC-Massive Open On-line course, Swayam & Swayamprabha both are central Govt sponsored higher education courses. Swayam is an On-line course through a separate  website portal. It has contained different courses & all are on-line based courses. Swayamprabha is a 32 DTH channel telecast for higher education subjects.

V.Teaching support system.
There are 3 parts required to study in Unit 1 for Paper 1-Teaching support system. Those
are listed below,

Concept of Teaching
The chief task of education is, above all, to shape man, or to guide the evolving
dynamism through which man forms himself as a man.”
Traditional concept:
Teaching is the act of imparting instructions to the learners in the classroom situation. It is traditional classroom teaching. In the traditional classroom teaching the teacher gives information to students, or one of the students or one of the students reads from a textbook, while the other students silently
follow him in their not merely imparting knowledge or information to students. While imparting knowledge, the teacher should keep in mind the child as well as the orderly presentation of subject matter.
Modern concept:
Teaching is to cause the pupil to learn and acquire the desired knowledge, skills, and also desirable ways of living in the society. It is a process in which learner, teacher, curriculum, and other variables are organized systematically and psychologically to attain some predetermined goals.

Teaching Objectives
The objective of Teaching-
 The major objective of teaching covers different types of intended learning
 1. Acquisition of knowledge
 2. Development of Understanding
 3. Development of Conceptual, intellectual, and subject-specific skills
 4. Development of values values
 In general –
 To Change behavior and conduct of student
 To improve the learning skills of students, including methodological, critical
thinking, writing, creativity, hypothesis, etc

Subject Knowledge To provide a social and efficient member of society
Memory level
It is a memory level of teaching in which the teaching is done to provide textbook knowledge to students and the emphasis is more given to memorization rather than learning. It is not said to be the best level of teaching as memorizing anything is not good and importance should be given to understanding the concept. Well, this level helps in increasing the memory power.
Advantages of Memory Level:
 It is beneficial for young students
 Useful for slow learners
 Helpful to children for learning a new concept
 The basis for understanding the reflective level of teaching
Disadvantages of Memory Level:
 Not beneficial for higher classes
 Dominance of teacher
 Loss of recall and retention
 Interaction level is low in the classroom
 The problem of classroom management