Here are some interesting words and their
meanings from the English vocabulary for you to
learn and apply. Adding different interesting words
like these to your daily talks make conversations fun
and interesting.

  •  Kaleidoscopic (Adj) : with many different aspects that keep changing.
  •  Genome (N) : the complete set of genes or genetic material present
    in a cell or organism.
  •  Paraphernalia (N) : miscellaneous articles, especially the equipment
    needed for a particular activity.
  • Grapple With : (Phrasal Verb)-to try to deal with or understand a
    difficult problem or subject.
  •  Beast (N) : something formidably difficult to control or deal with.
  •  Consortium (N) : a group made up of two or more individuals,
    companies, or governments that work together to achieving a
    common objective.
  •  Shore Up : (Phrasal Verb): to support or help (something).
  •  Regime(N): Rule, authorities, control.
  •  Anticipate(V):regard as probable; expect or predict.
  •  Tariffs(N): tax, duty
  •  Imbalance(N):disproportion
  • Poised(Adj) : ready to do a particular thing at any moment:
  • Spur(N) :encouragement, stimulus
  •  Cautiously(adverb): in a careful and well-considered way that avoids
  •  (A little bird told me) : Something that you say in order to let someone
    know that you are not going to tell them who gave you the information
    being discussed
  •  (A pain in the neck) : Someone or something that is very annoying
  •  (A piece of cake) : Something very easy
  •  (To lay off) : To stop using or doing something
  •  (pigs can fly) : There is no chance of that ever happening.
  •  (Dead tired) : Totally exhausted or fatigued.
  •  (Call it a day) : To quit work and go home; to say that a day’s work
    has been completed.
  •  (In charge of) : Having control over or responsibility for.
  •  (In the way) : To be close to doing something.
  •  (Be my guest) : Help yourself.; After you. (A polite way of indicating
    that someone else should go first, help himself or herself to
    something, or take the last one of something.)